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Ramon Ruelas CMSRN

About Ramon Ruelas, CMSRN

Ramon Ruelas, CMSRN is a Certified Medical Surgical Registered Nurse (Med-Surg Nurse) specialized in weight loss surgery. Ramon Ruelas, CMSRN assists in general surgery procedures handles a variety of tasks, including handing Dr. Ponce de Leon surgical tools and intervening if complications occur. Ruelas, CMSRN cares for patients before, during and after surgery.

When Ramon Ruelas, CMSRN talks about his practice, his pride and passion is evident. Add to that the compassion he feels for his patients and the fulfillment of changing lives for the better.

Ramon Ruelas, CMSRN has 5 years of surgical experience. He received his degree in General and Surgical Nursing from The Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

Position Responsibilities

Ramon Ruelas, CMSRN provides direct and individualized nursing care to patients based on the application of scientific nursing principles. Responsibilities of Med/Surge Nurses include (but are not limited to):

  •  Consults and coordinates with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans.
  •  Prepares and administers (orally, subcutaneously, through an IV) and records prescribed medications. Reports adverse reactions to medications or treatments in accordance with the policy regarding the administration of medications by a licensed registered nurse.
  •  Educates patients on surgical procedures.
  •  Records patients’ medical information and vital signs.
  •  Monitors and adjusts specialized equipment used on patients, and interprets and records electronic displays.
  •  Initiates corrective action whenever the patient displays adverse symptomatology.
  •  Provides bedside care for a wide variety of medical patients, including pre- and post-surgery patients.
  •  Initiates patient education plan, as prescribed by physician. Teaches patients and significant others how to manage their illness/injury, by explaining: post-treatment home care needs.
  •  Changes dressings, inserts catheters, starts IVs.
  •  Prepares equipment and aids physician during examination and treatment of patient.
  •  Responds to life-saving situations based upon nursing standards and protocol.
  •  Participates in discharge planning.
  •  Utilizes time management skills.
  •  Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms.
  •  Performs other position-related duties as assigned, depending on assignment setting.

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