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Bariatric Surgeons

Highly trained bariatric surgeons in Mexico offer affordable bariatric surgery.

Top Bariatric Surgeons

If you have tried a healthy diet and exercise and your health is still at risk from being overweight, our team of bariatric surgeons and medical professionals can help.

Our bariatric surgeons, nutritionists and psychologists are each involved in providing you with ongoing support through your weight loss surgery and beyond, helping you understand the benefits, as well as the changes and challenges, that accompany life after bariatric surgery.

At Mexico Bariatrics Center for Weight Loss Surgery, our bariatric surgeons work with patients who have been unsuccessful at other types of weight loss. We specialize in several techniques of weight loss surgery.

Our Accredited Center at Tijuana, Mexico is ready to work with you and your primary care physician. We can choose between bariatric (weight loss) procedures that work in one of two ways—limiting the amount of food you can consume or changing the way your food is digested.

In conjunction with a healthy diet and a more active lifestyle, both have proven to be successful in helping patients lose weight.

The team involved in performing the laparoscopic bariatric surgery includes experienced and certified surgeons, nurses, experienced anesthesiologists, specialty-educated nutritionists and as needed, pulmonogists, cardiologists, and rehabilitation therapists.

Great Outcomes, Extraordinary Care

When you come to us seeking an answer, a cure or a measure of relief, Mexico Bariatrics’ surgeons respond with comprehensive, extraordinary care.

  • We bring a team approach to bariatric surgery that includes you, our multidisciplinary group of nationally recognized weight loss surgeons, and the primary care and referring physicians who know you best.
  • We use the most advanced technology, including minimally invasive surgical technology, which makes astounding medicine possible.
  • We dedicate ourselves to our patients.
  • We do it with uncompromising service, compassion and dignity.

Sometimes your road to recovery means surgery – it’s a decision we make together. With nationally recognized and some of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in Mexico.